We have a modern fleet comprising over 30 John Deere & Tigercat Harvesters:

  • Small Lightweight Harvesters for extremely soft ground and very small tree sizes
  • 8WD Harvesters for soft ground and steep slopes and average tree sizes
  • Large Harvesters for firm ground and large tree sizes
  • Levelling Tigercats to cover extremely steep ground and large crop sizes


With a range of over 30 modern forwarders we have a machine suited to every type of site:

  • Lightweight Forwarders for Thinnings and extremely soft ground
  • Midweight Forwarders for general ground conditions
  • Large Forwarders with greater ground clearance for steep slopes and long extractions.


T-Winch Technology

We now have T-Winch Traction Assist machinery to work extremely steep slopes in a safe working manner. Before hand Harvesters and Forwarders were at their limit due to no traction or the risk of sliding on slippery terrain. Now our machines can go further due to this smart technology. The T-Winch pairs itself to the forwarder so the drum speed of the winch does the exact same spreed as the machine. This eliminates any spinning or bouncing which keeps the brash mat in good condition, lowering the risk of diffuse pollution.
The main advantages of using T-Winch Technology on Extremely Steep Slopes are as follows:

  • Increased Safety
  • Greater Production Levels
  • Increasing Industry Demand Working Steep Slopes
  • Reduced Ground / Landscape Damage
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption Lowering Carbon Footprint
  • FISA Safety Guideline Compliance


Our Excavator Fleet consists of JCB and Doosan's to assist our Harvesting machinery with tasks such as:

  • Forming access tracks and extraction routes
  • Levelling stacking areas and benching
  • Constructing turning circles and access ramps


Debogging Equipment

Or De-Bogging Equipment comprises five 22 tonne Excavators equipped with 12 tonne Boughton  Winches mounted on the H-frames.  These machines are also equipped with 7 tonne winches mounted on the main booms. We have a site safe fully kitted out with debogging equipment which is transported to site when required. 

Winching Equipment

Our Winching Services consist of five 22 tonne Excavators equipped with 7 tonne Boughton Winches mounted on the main booms, two T-Winch Skidder Units and a Highlander County. These are used to winch trees in areas inaccessible to harvesters and forwarders.

Low Loader

Our company boast an in-house low-loader service.  Our V8 Scania and Andover Trailer increases machine shift availability and maximizes efficiencies.   


Support Vehicles

Our support vehicles help increase the efficiency of our company by being where they are needed when they are needed, assisting with any machine breakdowns, part deliveries and waste collections. Our support vehicles include:

  • 9 Field Service Vans for welding and mechanical repairs
  • 5 4x4 Site Management Vehicles
  • 3 4x4 Trailer Towing Vehicles
  • 2 Parts Delivery Vans
  • 1 Tractor & 14T Dump Trailer
  • 2 Telehandler Forklifts
  • 1 Counter Balance Forklift
  • 1 Traffic Management Van