Steep Ground Harvesting

Our specialist fleet of machines along with our vast experience provides us with the capability of harvesting and extracting sites on the steepest of terrains.

Climbing Machines

We currently have eight Tigercat 845 hill-climbers and eight 8WD John Deere 1270's for harvesting on extremely steep slopes. We also have excavators available to aid extraction and provide winching capabilities with teams of hand cutters. For forwarding steep ground we prefer to use larger forwarders with better ground clearance with NAF Counter Balance Bogies. This by far offers the best climbing ability available. If required we can weld 90mm grousers onto our machine tracks to achieve maximum traction.

T-Winch Traction Assist Equipment

We now have T-Winch Traction Assist machinery to work extremely steep slopes in a safe working manner. Before hand Harvesters and Forwarders were at their limit due to no traction or the risk of sliding on slippery terrain. Now our machines can go further due to this smart technology. The T-Winch pairs itself to the forwarder so the drum speed of the winch does the exact same spreed as the machine. This eliminates any spinning or bouncing which keeps in brash mat in good condition for diffuse pollution.  The 10.1 & 10.2 T-Winch's have an eight and ten tonne pulling capacity respectfully.  All operators and supervisors have received full training and certification from the manufacturer.  This revolutionary Traction Assist method is the first to enter Scotland's forest's.  We believe this to be the future for working extremely steep slopes and the SAFEST way to do it.

Winching Equipment

We have four 22 tonne Winch Excavators with 8 tonne boom winches installed.  These are used to build tracks and winch trees in inaccessible areas.  These machines are also used as De-bogging machines and are installed with 15 tonne Boughton Winches on the H-Frames.